Sunday 22

Our Erasmus week in Portugal

Our Erasmus students are going to spend a week( from the 22nd to 28th) in Lisbon working on the topic of deforestation.  They have prepared a presentation about their role model and another one about the topic.  They will see their partners'presentations and in  international groups they will try to find solutions to solve this project.
We wish them a wonderful working week there.

The chronicle of the departure to Lisbon

Monday 23

After breakfast, we went to school where nice ice-breaking activities had been prepared to create a good atmosphere and know each other better. The morning  ended with a warming welcome speech given by the school headmistress.
In the afternoon, we could discover  the most important places in Lisbon and its culture thanks to the sightseeing activity organised by the Portuguese students of tourism who were our guides.

During the tour, we could appreciate the good relationship among the students, speaking in English and laughing all the time.
We congratulate the Portuguese students for their work and wish them their dreams come true and become local tourist guides in the future
Alexia & Guila's chronicle of the first Erasmus+ day

Tuesday 24

This morning we have visited Monsanto forestal park, the first one opened in Europe. The visit began with an introduction given by a Professor, then there was a guided visit along the park where we could see the importance of planting some trees to preserve the biodiversity, to prevent the devastation caused by forest fires and floods and to save our planet. The students planted a tree at the end of the activity.
In the afternoon we attended a lecture given by a member of the Zero association which promotes actions to stop environmental degradation and unsustainable use of natural resources.
Thanks to these activities the students are more aware of the importance of protecting the environment if we want a greener planet.
Laia & Ainhoa's chronicle of the second Erasmus+ day 

Wednesday 25

Our Erasmus day has begun with the students' presentations about Deforestation.  They explained to us the situation in their country, causes, examples, consequences and campaigns carried on to stop deforestation and protect the planet.  Thanks to the presentations, we could get an idea of the current situation.
After the break, a professor from the European University, Joana Terra da Motta gave a speech about deforestation and wildfires and made the students participate, asking them questions related to their countries.  The activity ended with a campaign to raise awareness and look for solutions where the students in international groups created posters which were hung on the wall of the room.
In the afternoon they presented the role mode they had chosen and the reasons of their choice.
Alexia & Guila's chronicle of the third Erasmus+ day




Thursday 26 

The students have used the data collected from the activities, workshops, visits and lectures in Portugal to create posters about Deforestation.  Later, they made a video about their week in Lisbon.  
In the afternoon, we watched the videos, got the certificates, and a nice farewell party was prepared for them.

This Erasmus meeting will finish in a pizzeria in the city centre.
Laia Saban i Ahinoa Caneda's chronicle of the fourth Erasmus+ day

Friday 27, Our last day in Lisbon.

This Erasmus meeting in Lisbon  finished with a trip to Sintra where a guide explained to us all the story of the gardens of the castle and how the biodiversity and the trees are protected to stop deforestation.
Then, we visited the chapel, its different rooms and thanks to this visit we could realise how the Royal Family lived, their customs and get a general idea about the life in those centuries.
Alexia and Giulia's chronicle of the fifth Erasmus+ day 


 Saturday 28, Goodbye Lisbon

Today we have been to Belem where we saw the Jeronimos Monastery, the Belem Tower and the Monument of the Discoveries.

As it was raining cats and dogs, we decided to go to sightsee Chiado district and we said Goodbye to Lisbon eating a delicious .

An unforgettable experience thanks to Erasmus!!

Final chronicle of Erasmus+ in Lisbon