Monday 16

We have begun our first day of this Erasmus week with a warming speech made by our headmaster and after the school tour, each country has presented its school and the results of the required information about water scarcity( its water footprint, examples of floods and droughts).

With these data, they have made a comparative study in international groups of 6 and presented practical ideas to stop the water scarcity caused by  Climate Change.

After working hard at school, our Erasmus students with their partners and teachers have been sightseeing Barcelona (Casa Batlló, Casa Ametller, Passeig the Gracia, Plaça Catalunya , The Ramblas, the Old Town and the Cathedral). Tomorrow we will visit other districts. This culture afternoon program is called "Barcelona step by step"



Tuesday 17

Today the Erasmus students have visited the desalination plant in the Prat of Llobregat. It has been a very interesting visit to know more about the water scarcity problem and try to look for solutions.

After the visit, we had booked a guided visit to Park Güell but unfortunately the Park was closed because of the strong winds so we ended in Sagrada Familia where we took a photo of the group. We hope to be able to visit the Park tomorrow afternoon.


Wednesday 18

After presenting their role model at school, the Erasmus students went to visit La Pedrera, a guided visit in English. Unfortunately, they couldn't go to Park Güell because it was closed. But they used their problem solving skills to find an alternative activity and went to Cosmocaixa. 

Thanks to  the Erasmus project, they are improving  a lot of  skills: communication,  teamwork, problem solving, decision making,self-management and  all of them in ENGLISH.


Tursday 19

Our fifth day has been very stressful.  First of all, we attended  a workshop called  "Coneix millor l'aigua" "Get a better knowledge about water"in the program "Climate Change" organised by AMB with the aim of creating awareness among young people to make a better use of water.

When the workshop finished, the international student groups went on creating the final videos about "Water Scarcity"for the school contest that will 
take at school tomorrow morning.
And this afternoon: "Erasmus dinner" prepared by the parents where teachers and students will be enjoy tasting our typical dishes.





 Friday 20

Our last Erasmus Day meeting in our school.
We began with the video contest created by the students. After it, we went to the City Hall where the Mayoress of l'Hospitalet made a warming speech and gave the partners the diplomas. And the meeting ended with a lunch for the teachers.
We have to congratulate all the students and teachers for their collaboration.
Hospi TV, echoed the news in an extensive report that you can see on our YouTube channel.
Now the project goes on and we are preparing the activities for the next meeting in Finland.