la pedrera

The students of 1st Baccalaureate went to visit la Pedrera on 16th December. It was a guided visit in English. When we arrived, the guide explained to us the façade, the history of the building and how Mr. Milà and his wife commissioned Gaudí to design it. We visited the inner halls, the Espai Gaudí, the roof terrace with the chimneys and the modernist flat.

Everything was very interesting and thanks to the guide’s explanation we found out more about the incredible work of this Catalan architect, Antonio Gaudi.

When the visit ended, we began to interview the tourists that were in Passeig de Gràcia. We had problems because it was not easy for us to find people who wanted to answer the questions we had previously prepared at school. The visit was very interesting and it was a good chance to practice English listening and speaking.