What’s on after baccalaureate?

That is the big question that the baccalaureate students ask themselves every day. There are some who know what to study and where, but there are others who like more than one option and haven’t made the decision yet. Our task is to guide them in their decision to prepare them for the PAU exam. In order to help them in the most positive way, we recommend them to see the virtual visit offered by the universities, virtual because of the pandemic. In addition, we ask ex-students to explain their experience in the university or in the training studies, give tips and encourage them to study. For example, two weeks ago Paula López( a student of Genetic at UAB), Judith Diaz( a student who is following nursing studies at EUIT, Terrassa)and David Bizcarri ( who is preparing to become a primary teacher) explained to the Baccalaureate students in Year 2 their experience, problems they had to face in the first year, their exams and the good moments they spent in the University campus before the pandemic.

We thank them for their help and wish them all the best.