Un tros de paper rebregat a la mà (en algun cas, dues meitats), nervis i emoció per compartir una part de si mateixos, en un esdeveniment amb estudiants de tot el municipi. Així podíem veure els alumnes que han participat en la 19a Jornada de poesia de l’Hospitalet aquest any.

Ahir, dia 11 d’abril, tots els alumnes de 1r d'ESO van poder gaudir d’un espectacle que constava d’una meravellosa mostra de dansa inclusiva, una batalla d‘slam poetry, una exhibició de baldufes de diverses mides, però sobretot de molt i molt bona poesia.

L’Íngrid, la Lucía, l’Aisha, l’Elena, la Lisselot i el Jose van ser els escollits per representar l’institut en aquest concurs. Tots cinc van compartir els seus poemes amb il·lusió. El Jose, acompanyat per la Lola, la seva professora de Literatura Catalana, va acabar obtenint el tercer premi. Moltes felicitats a totes!


Today we went to visit the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam where we could admire the paintings by Van Gogh and Hockney. After the visit, we got information about the fast food and the healthy food that was sold or offered in the city centre (at the supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants….). In the afternoon, we took a boat for sightseeing the city from the water and we learnt more about its history, buildings and monuments. Tonight most of us are going to eat out with our host families.

Today we have spent the whole morning working at school. First, we began with the presentations made by the students from Romania, Holland and Spain (the process maps, the videos and posters). Next, we gave a constructive feedback on the partners’ work . After that, we saw a video about the Hockney exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum and visited the Hoogvielt bakery.

Thanks to this project, we are learning a lot of things from the others and improving our communication skills in English, the team work and the digital ones. But the most important thing is that we are having a good time with our partners.

Our second day in Holland has been fantastic. Our visit to Rotterdam!!. We visited the Markthal where we interviewed local people (food sellers and customers) and got information about the packaging of the products. It was a team activity. Then we could walk and discover the city, its amazing new buildings, the canals and the atmosphere.

Next, we were split into 2 groups, one went to visit the Greenery where some interesting activities had been prepared for us and the other one went to Van Oers United, a big enterprise dealing with the packaging of vegetables and fruit. Both visits were very interesting for us because we had already visited Mercabarna and our research work was focused on the vegetable and fruit process.

In the evening, a concert was prepared at school by the Dutch students. An amazing one!