Today the students of the 1st year of Baccalaureate have visited the cooperative “Els Espigoladors” in the Prat of Llobregat, a social enterprise whose aims are: to fight for a better food usage, to reduce the organic waste, to give a second opportunity to the fruits and vegetables which are eatable, but they don’t look good. And what’s more, to create job opportunities for the unemployed people.

This visit is included in the research work of the Erasmus project for the next meeting in Finland where all the partners will present good examples of local enterprises which work to preserve the environment, reduce the waste and the CO2 emissions and re-use or recycle as much as possible.

Els alumnes de 3r i 4t de l’Aula oberta estan estudiant l’estalvi energètic i les fonts d’energia. Per aprofundir en el tema, el passat dimarts 8 d’octubre han visitat l’espai educatiu d’Endesa on han fet el taller d’estalvi energètic a les llars. Allà han fet una gimcana per grups amb l’objectiu d’aconseguir més “diners” per poder comprar electrodomèstics més energètics . Al final de la visita han aprofitat per veure el funcionament d’un generador elèctric.

After a wonderful afternoon sightseeing Hannover in a guided visit, we have begun our third day with the German and Finnish presentations. Then we went on with the experiments. Today we have worked on how to produce biodegradable plastic from cellulose acetate or from starch. After the experiments, we have spoken with our partners about the points we have been working during these days: bad consumption and its consequences on our health and for the society in general (the tragedy of the commons, topic worked the previous day) and we have drawn general conclusions. We have created mind maps and on Friday we are going to write measures to reduce the amount of waste generated daily and design a sustainable and healthy diet. All the points, conclusions and solutions will be presented in posters created by the different international groups.

We must protect our planet!

This year the ESO students in Year 4 have prepared a video about the topic they have been working on in the Erasmus project and in the exchange with Denmark. The aim is to make students of L' Hospitalet be aware of the importance of recycling. After the video, they have also prepared a Kahoot about it. Congratulations!!