Greetings from Finland

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Today we have begun presenting our schools and cities to the rest of the partners. Then, we visited the school doing an amusing team activity which consisted in answering different questions about the Finnish culture. After lunch, each country presented the enterprises which each one had previously visited as good examples of alternative projects to protect the environment.

Tomorrow we are going to visit two Finish enterprises which work reusing and recycling materials to create new items or a factory which produces chewing gum with birch sugar.

On Thursday, the students are going to work on how to make a better use of the food remains in the school canteen and then they are going to create a cookery book.

All these activities will help students become more aware of the waste problem for the environment and get ideas for alternative consumption models.Remember that working together, we can create a better and more sustainable world and this is one of the aims of the #Inwastegation project..