Our 3rd year with Slovenian Language assistants! First Primoz, then Marusa and now Tina and Demi, dynamic and friendly assistants who have just arrived at our school to help our students improve their communication skills in English (very important for the ones who are taking part in the exchange with the Danish school or in the Erasmus project) and thanks to their presentations we will know more about their country and culture.

We wish them an enjoyable and unforgettable Erasmus traineeship experience with us.

Welcome to our school

? Els nostres alumnes César i Keilisa seleccionats per a participar en la 4a edició del FÒRUM de Joves Talents de Catalunya. En aquesta quarta edició 2018 un total 40 joves de Catalunya amb els expedients més brillants (Joves Talents) de 4t d'ESO i 1r de Batxillerat assitiran a ponències, debats i activitats al voltant del tema central "NEXE Natura i Aigua"

L'objectiu principal d'aquest Fòrum és premiar els millors estudiants pre-universitaris de Catalunya. L'objectiu final és la incentivació de la ciència i la tecnologia entre els joves de Secundària, mitjançant la repercussió mediàtica que té aquesta acció, en els diferents Centres dels joves participants. La selecció la porta a terme el Departament d'Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

Enhorabona i gaudiu de l'experiència. !!

This week the 6 th celebration of the “Acting Together” is held in the Barrades Theatre in l’Hospitalet del Llobregat where 28 secondary schools have taken part presenting activities prepared by the language assistants. Our students of grade 4th Keilisa Figuereo and Andrea Constantinescu with their language assistant Niall, have presented a sketch of a formal “Mock interview at Google” but with some funny bits added at the end.

Our students have enjoyed a lot and what’s more, they have spent 2 hours learning English in a funny way, listening and watching the plays performed by the students of other schools.

We want to thank our City Council and the Education Department for all their efforts to help the students of our schools improve their English.

Nowadays official certificates in English language are required everywhere, at the University, at work….. Being aware of the importance of English, the students of Baccalaureate have spent many hours studying for the B1 exam. Today they have had the first part: listening, reading comprehension and writing and next week they will have the oral exam.

We wish them good luck in their exams.