Estem molt contents per la jornada de divendres. Us agraïm la vostra participació i desitgem que us hagi agradat. Felicitats a tots heu fet possible aquesta setmana especial de Sant Jordi.

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It is June, the end of this school year, lots of new friends, new experiences, good memories, new language assistants….  This year our school has been very lucky because we have had two fantastic language assistants, one from Ireland and the other from Slovenia.  Now their traineeship is over and the best way to show our gratitude and love is with a farewell party prepared by the different groups of ESO.

We will miss Primoz and Shauna a lot and we wish them all the best in their future.

El dimarts 22 de desembre vam celebrar el Festival de Nadal al Centre Cívic de Bellvitge. Un any més, pares mares i alumnes vam poder gaudir d'un espectacle de molta qualitat en un ambient distès, respectuós i ple d'anècdotes i sorpreses.

No ens queda més que agrair a tots els que han fet possible, tant a nivell tècnic com artístic o de suport, la realització d’aquest festival. Gràcies a tots i a totes. Ara a descansar uns dies que aviat hi hem de tornar. Bon Nadal a tothom!

Shauna is the language assistant who is going to stay with us until the end of May.  She is from Ireland and her task is to help the English and the GEP teachers ( the ones who are teaching part of their subjects in English, like maths, music, physics and so on)  prepare communicative activities for their lessons.  At this moment she is also helping the Erasmus students with their oral presentations for the international meetings.  Today she has given a lecture to the students of the 4th and 1st Year of ESO about her country, Ireland, its customs, sports, food, festivals, etc.  While she was talking, the students were taking notes and after the lecture, the youngest ones had to complete a chart using their notes and the students of the 4th Year of ESO wrote a composition about Ireland.  It has been a good opportunity for the students to listen and speak to a native speaker and to know more about another country too.


We wish her a nice stay here with us.