Els estudiants de batxillerat que van assistir al meeting Erasmus+ a Laatzen, Alemanya, han estat entrevistats a AulaLH, per explicar les seves experiències. En primer lloc es va parlar de l'objectiu i de les activitats del "Projecte InWastegation", l'objectiu del qual és treballar junts per reduir els residus, protegir el medi ambient i salvar el planeta.

Mira el vídeo si vols saber més sobre ell.

Our first day in this Erasmus meeting has been very enjoyable. When we arrived at the school, we began with some ice breaking activities, so we could know more about our partners. Then the school headmistress and the mayor’s assistant welcomed us with a warming speech, talking about the importance of the project and its aim: “To protect the environment: Recycle, reuse and reduce the waste”. (The Spanish students were surprised to hear the mayor’s assistant speaking in Catalan). After, we visited the school facilities and finally, it was time for our presentations. The Romanian group was the first and then, the students of our school presented the tasks that they had prepared at the school before holidays. The Dutch presentation was the last. After lunch, there was a lecture about sustainable and healthy diet.

Congratulations! All the presentations were superb.

This year we have a new language assistant, Eva Tanke, from the Erasmusintern program who has just arrived from Portugal and who is going to do her traineeship in our school helping our students improve their communication skills in English.

She has begun with a powerpoint presentation of her country, traditions, educational system and culture. The students have taken notes and have made questions at the end. We have to congratulate them for their participation and specially the ESO students in Year 3 who have been able to follow the whole presentation in English.

We wish her a nice and unforgettable Erasmus traineeship experience with us.

The students from Institut Europa celebrated the end of this course with a Eurovision contest. Each class prepared a song in English and sang and danced it on Friday 21st June.

At the end of the contest all the audience voted their favourite song online and the winners were the 4th ESO classes which performed "Rehab" by Amy Whinehouse. The teachers Olalla and Andrés also took part in the festival with a great performance and we all enjoyed the festival and had a great time.

At the end of the show prices of the sports competition were given as well as those from the Matmota contest.

We congratulate our students for their performances and for being so enthusiastic!